Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Cleaning is hard...

when the animals refuse to cooperate. I was so gung ho to haul ass around the house and spring clean until the cows came home. I read my latest issue of Real Simple magazine. I was prepared to re-do the bedroom with lighter, brighter, springy-er linens. I was even debating the advice from Real Simple to sprinkle baking soda on your mattress and vacuum it up..but I didn't go that far..mostly because the cats thought spring cleaning = play time

as if ironing your curtains and dust ruffle doesn't suck enough...its even harder when Reese thinks it's her play cave

While I was trying to wrangle Reese out of the dustruffle...I intermittently had to yell at Davie who was plotting how to scale the mattress

Once the mattress cover was washed and a fitted sheet was put on the box spring..mostly because we have a naughty cat who likes to scratch the boxspring near our heads to alert us to the fact that she's hungry...the bed was put back together and my girls, Reese and A-belle, were playing sweet...I guess I enjoyed it because normally they're chasing each other around the house like gang busters screeching bloody murder

Then they decided they didn't like the clean room and needed to cat hair it up for me

As I cleaned our master bedroom top to bottom and vacuumed and dusted..a total of 7 cat toys were found in various nooks and crannies in our bedroom.

But..at least I have a sparkly clean master bedroom..well at least for the week until it's full of cat hair, hairballs, and toys. I guess it's true..the cats kind of do run the house.


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