Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Must for all Pet Owners

well, maybe not all pet owners...but if you have lovely cats like me who like to cough up hairballs on your white bedroom rug, then this might be a must own item for you to!

Before we had the Bissel Pet Spot Bot, if you looked under my kitchen sink there were probably 3-4 different kind of rug spot cleaners...anything from Resolve to Oxy Clean. Our house is mostly hardwoods, but we have carpet in the bedroom. I swear to God, that every time one of our furry children is going to be sick or decided  to cough something weird up...they bee line to the carpet areas..never can they accomplish this on the lovely hardwoods throughout the house where clean up is much easier. But, the rug cleaners just weren't cutting it. OxyClean bleached out spots in our that's on the list to replace...and the other never really got the white carpet clean. We hired professional steam cleaners to come in. The rugs looked great for 2-3 weeks, then every stain and then some resurfaced and new magical stains I wasn't even dealing with before came to life. So, it's been a big tug of war with how to clean the rugs. At one point, we thought about investing a huge steam cleaner...but they run around $400 and honestly, I don't have the room for a mammoth looking vacuum type deal in my house.

One day, I was perusing around Bed Bath and Beyond and saw this little guy...

It was right around the time Mr. Allan and I were planning the big nupitials, and I put it on our registry. My two co workers got it for me, and it has been a blessing to our household with 3 hairball prone cats. One little water resevoir pops off and you fill it with hot water and a cap ful of cleaning solution that Bissell makes for the Spot Bot. You pop it back on, place the spot bot over the stain, hit Clean and walk cleans for you and beeps when it's down. There are two for surface stains and one for set in stains. I'm often torn about what I like more...the fact that I don't have to sit there and scrub the stain, or the fact that it cleans, sprays, and sucks it all up for getting the vaccuum out after the spot dries.

The Spot Bot also has a hose attachement. You push a button that pops the hose out and there's a brush attachment that pops on the end of it. You press a button and the cleaning liquid sprays, you run the hose over it and it sucks it all up. This has been invaluable for us when it comes to our downstairs finished basement. We have Mr. Allan's old bachelor couch down there. One in a while the cats will get sick on it, or miss the litter box....I can't tell you how convenient having the hose to clean the bottom of the couch or an arm of it has been!

The Spot Bot by Bissell is sold at Bed Bath and Beyond for around $140...but don't forget your 20% off coupons!!! It'll bring it to just over $110. I've also seen it at Walmart and Target and I thought I spied in on sale for $99 in the Kohls ad this week. It comes with a small bottle of cleaning solution. We buy the cleaning solution at all of the above stores for about $10 a bottle. We usually only go through 2 bottles a year...depending on the amount of hairballs we're blessed with! But..I think the moral of this story is a little brown and black cat and her brother and sister just don't mix with a white rug.

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