Monday, March 14, 2011

Good Reads

While on vacation, I managed to really relax and was able to read  a few good books. I'm still loving my Kindle...and it got a little beat up, had many sunscreen finger prints on it, but made it back in one piece. Here are a few books I plowed through....

First up..Room by Emma Donoghue. This novel was interesting and caught my eye because it's told through the voice of a 5 year old boy. A boy who was born in captivity. His mom was a kidnapped 19 year old who was locked in a her captor's shed for almost 8 years. It was very interesting and coming from the 5 year old's point of view made it a great read. The only thing I couldn't get out of my reminds me of the recent case that was in the news of the girl who was kidnapped and help captive for years in her kidnapper's backyard. But, overall, a great read...a fast one too!

Ok, if you liked the MTV half reality series Laguna Beach and the Hills, then you know who Lauren Conrad or LC is. If you have no idea what those shows are about or who this chick is, you're probably not going to like her book either. Let me start by saying I really learned nothing reading these books, there wasn't any educational value to them whatsoever...but I was a sucker for Laguna Beach and faithfully watched the Hills which made these a senseless, fast, good read for me. I seriously read each of these books in a day. They're loosely based on the see a lot of striking similarities from the characters on the show to those in the book. I hope she comes out with me..because I'll read them as well...again, they're no prized literary pieces, but I enjoyed them as a good light fluffy read!

Onto Unbroken....this is the book that surprised me. I kept seeing it in best seller lists but when I read the subject matter about it...World War 2, fighter pilots...uh...not really my thing. I'm not one who enjoys the historical I said...I'm all set. Then my dad started to really get into his Kindle. Before we left for Mexico he told me all about this excellent book he read and went on and on and on...I thought he might have told me the whole story! So, I stopped him..and said, maybe I'll download it. I did, and am so happy I read this book. It's an amazing story! I had to keep telling myself that it's a true story! I was half expecting something to happen in the end...but it is a biography that reads like a novel. I thoroughly enjoyed this and told Mr. Allan it's right up his alley. It's so well written that I forgot about the historical stuff I normally don't care to read.

Happy reading!


  1. The first and last book you mentioned look like my type of reads. I'm bookmarking your page for later. Thanks for the review! I'm hoping to get a Kindle, someday. Janae

  2. so glad you recommended these - i needed some new reads!