Monday, October 4, 2010

I've been Mrs. Allan for 1 year today!

Today is our 1 year anniversary. It's so hard to believe that 365 days have flown by so quickly...okay, maybe I'm being a bit dramatic, but this year really has gone by fast! It seems like just yesterday we were arguing about the guest list, who gets to ride in the limo and who's walking who down the aisle. I kind of lie, a little bit. Planning was fun but it did have it's stressful moments. I wanted to be thrust into the planning process and create this over the top spectacle of a wedding and then, Mr. Allan brought me back to earth.

I think we did a very good of throwing a sophisticated and elegant affair. We focused on each other, tried not to get too caught up in all the gimmicky wedding stuff, although I succumbed to flip flop baskets and bathroom baskets like many other brides. My absolute favorite part of our wedding was our ceremony. Mr. Allan and I wrote very personal vows. They were a bit longer than your normal vows, but the things he said to me on that day make my heart melt.

So, you might ask, how's the past year been? It's had it's ups and downs, it's gains and losses. We've seen each other through some very tough times, we've celebrated some very good times as well. I think we've grown as a couple, as individuals and have much more to accomplish together. We had some mini pay off all stupid debt. We're almost there....Mr. Allan has taught me to be a bit more financially savvy. I like to brag to Mr. Allan that I only bought 1 new work suit and 2 pairs of shoes all year, therefore, I am the best wife in the world. My other mini goal was to stay within 5 lbs of the weight I was when I married Mr. Allan. I'm glad to report I accomplished that and marriage has not made us fat :)

So, one year down, many more to go. I put together a little trip down memory lane. Here's our memorable, magical, absolutely perfect (to us) wedding in pictures according to me.

All photos are courtesy of our wonderful photographer, Melissa Robotti, who captured all the emotions of our day.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures Holly; Happy Anniversary!