Sunday, October 17, 2010

I caved....

I've been going back and forth for the last 3 weeks trying not to give in and buy clogs.....and I caved last week. I tried to do something a little different and get some patent leather Danskos...I reasoned that if I was going for the unfashionable clog look why not buy the fashionable clogs.

It didn't work. The first day I had them, Mr. Allan saw the Dankso shoe box and groaned. I put them on to wear to work (I change into real shoes once I'm in Court). Mr. Allan was holding one of our cats and said, A-belle (our cat) can see her reflection in Mommy's shoes....uggghhhh...I didn't think they were that shiny. While walked to a restaurant to take our boss out for Bosses' day, one of my co workers remarked how shiny they were.

As you can see from my self foot portrait, you can see the reflection of my sliding glass doors in my clogs.

Operation Clog= fail. I'm not returning them, because on the weekends I don't live in a high fashion part of RI. But, I'm determined to find better, comfortable, more fashion plate worthy shoes.

So, for now, if I pass you in my shiny clogs, put your sunglasses on.

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