Friday, October 15, 2010

Back to my cookie roots

I tried dabbling in the cookie treat making business. But, getting married and having to be a lawyer full time for work kind of got in the way. That, as well as the fact that I just don't charge people enough to make it worth my time. But, I come out of retirement every once in a while if someone special needs some out of this world way too cute and oh they taste so good as well favors for a special event. One of my best friends, L, needed some favors for a baby shower she's co-hosting this weekend.

Here's a little step by step process...first...I made the fondant and then it's time to roll it out. Essentials wooden rolling pin (I hate the tapered ones.), my Silpat Baking Mat...(it's a counter saver). I dust the mat with powdered sugar and start rolling away. I then cut out the fondant with the same cutter I used for the cookies.

I put the cut out fondant pieces on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper so they don't stick to one another. I do this while my cookie dough is chilling. I don't like to bake the cookies, then stick the fondant on with corn syrup or royal icing. If you can bring your inner Type A personality out and get uber organized and cut the fondant before's sooooo much easier to pop the fondant on cookies that are immediately out of the oven. My fondant is homemade and the primary ingredient is mini marshmallows..the fondant immediately adheres to a hot cookie and avoids a messy, annoying step of sticking it on a cooled cookie...hope that makes sense to those non baking superstars.

These cookies are fresh out of the oven and i put the fondant right on. Another life saver...Silpat baking mats...I don't understand why people don't use these and insist on messy parchment paper that I can never rip off evenly or better yet baking sprays..hello...silpat keeps your cookie sheets non nasty!!

Here are the cookies on my 3 tiered cooling racks (best thing ever that I scored after Christmas at Target and they were 1/2 off because there was a snowflake on the box! Word to my mom for noticing that and teaching me how to really score after Christmas deals)

Here are the final products...c' know they're cute!

It was fun to bake and decorate. I love to see the dough go from a disc chilling in my fridge to these cute little favors. Hope the mom to be enjoys them as much as Mr. Allan enjoyed the couple reject imperfect ones he got to snack on last night!

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