Sunday, October 10, 2010

Waterfire 2010 and my fun weekend with the sis and mother.

I was so excited to have my mom in town this weekend. She made the road trip down from Western MA and we helped her check a couple items off her newly created bucket list. Bucket list item #1...goto Waterfire. What is waterfire? It's a RI thing where they have bundles of logs all along the water in Providence. They're lit and we watch them burn. Might sound weird, but it makes whatever body of water it is look alot better, and it's kind of neat to watch.

So, here's our waterfire experience via pictures taken on my nifty new Spint HTC Evo Touch (no shame in the plug for Sprint for my Sprint sis Heather)

Here's Heather and my mom outside Cafe Nuovo. We ate there beforehand and it was excellent, although we made our reservation a month ago with a special request for a window seat, the owner didn't want to give it to us, but we got it.

The gondola landing is right outside of Cafe Nuovo. Lesson #2 we learned about Cafe Nuovo, they have 2 entrances to their parking lot. We took the wrong one and it took us about 25 minutes to travel a quarter mile with a traffic cop. While that sucked...valet parking at 5pm and being able to leave the car all night was kind of cool and made this trip less of a cluster.

Here's the Biltmore lit up at night...I got all nostalgic with Mr. Allan out of town for work seeing the place we tied the knot. (insert the awww here)

 Waterfire ablazing on the river or canal or whatever it is

Scores of people watching the wood burn. We stood above the crowd as it was a nightmare of strollers down there.

 Ballet girl dancing on a gondola

 Waterfire in full effect

 A look down the canal

 This was my favorite sight of the night. This was the last waterfire of the season and it was called "Flames of Hope" and dedicated to all breast cancer survivors. Many of the buildings down town were lit in pink to honor Breast Cancer Awareness month. This is RI's beautiful state house.

Other things we did with Mom this weekend...we hit the Scituate Art Festival. I had never been. I'm not terribly into crafts and arts but it was fun. Lessons I learned in case I ever go back:

1) get there at 10am when it opens. It was bearable when we got there and unbearable when we left.
2) Kettle Corn is my crack
3) My mom thinks kids in strollers don't belong there but said she brought us when we were little. She's turning into my sister Heather.
4) Pay the stinking 5 bucks to was soooo much better as we drove by scores of people walking down Rte. 6.

Another fun thing...we ate wieners. We drove through the worst parts of RI listening to the Sprint Bitch a.k.a. Heather's phone navigation only to come upon wiener place after wiener place closed!

Finally we scored! After this picture was taken my sister had 2 great quotes.

1) "My breath smells worse than my dogs"
2) My hand smells like a wiener"

what a great weekend! Mr. Allan if flying home tonight and dinner with friends!


  1. It was a fun weekend! oh, and that wiener picture may have to go on my christmas cards this year :)

  2. LOL I love Heather's quotes there! What a fun weekend!

  3. I just realized I always call and spell them out as w-i-e-n-e-r-s....but are they weiners? regardless...heather's hands still smelled like them!