Friday, October 8, 2010

Old Navy vs. Athleta

So, I'm proud of Old Navy. I think of them as the cheap Gap and wannabe Banana Republic. I'm happy to see that they keep expanding their Yoga line and Activewear in general. I'm a big fan of their Yoga Pants. they're just under 20 bucks and I like the way they fit. These puppies even go on sale every once in a while for $15. I used to earn my nifty $10 rewards, but Mr. Allan took away the Old Navy charge, so I see those no more.

When I hit the big 3-2 this summer, I decided I was too good for my Old Navy Yoga pants and wanted to treat myself to something special. I get Athleta catalogs all the time and while I love the styles of exercise clothes and workout garb, my jaw typically drops at the price tag. BUT, I got my hands on a 30% off coupon a mere day after my birthday, so I saw this as a sign that I was destined to wear $60 yoga pants to class.

So, here's my expert research results on yoga pants. My expertise is based on the knowledge I attained wearing both pairs of said pants to Power yoga, Vinyassa flow yoga, Turbokick class, Body Step class, and running my butt on the good ole tread mill.

In this corner, we have Old Navy Yoga Pants. These bad boys retail for $19.95 and you can buy them at any Old Navy store and Although, size medium seems to go pretty quick in the stores.

Pros: 1) they're pretty reasonably prices 2) they're not way too long 3) they're sized pretty right on 4) they make me feel very svelte and tall

Cons: 1) they fade and make me feel like the poor girl with off black old yoga pants at the gym sometimes 2) they stretch out pretty easily. Sometimes I go in class feeling like a million bucks and walk out with saggy butt syndrome 3) This may sound weird, but the latest pair I bought from Old Navy have a new sewing pattern in the crotch that consists of a little crotch patch..I'm not sure how else to describe it. I know they probably put it in to help with some sweat issues, but I've noticed that once my pants get a month old, that little panel starts to sag. To my absolute HORROR, in yoga yesterday, I was in downward dog ,as I pushed my chest back towards my legs I glanced up and saw the wretched crotch panel sagging a bit. Quite unsightly...oh my yes! I'm not sure if sweaty dude behind me noticed, but i was horrified.

In the opposite corner, if you can contain reading after my odd crotch panel description, we have Athleta Salamba Pants

These Organic Cotton Salamba pants can only be purchases on, and brace yourself, they have a $69 price tag. In my defense, I had a 30 % off coupon.

Pros: 1) the picture is so pretty, how can you not want to work out in these pants! 2) they're made of organic cotton and the fabric really is to die for 3) they have this neat little Athleta logo design that is in the center of the back waistband on these pants. It's strategically located to make your behind look nice 4) they have a seam on either side of your butt that runs down the outer edge of your cheek. This is genius! The seam makes my butt look smalled and gives my rear view a more athletic appearance.

Cons: 1) A medium was too small and I had to go up to a these run small 2) they have a skinnier elastic waistband. When I tried on the medium, this skinny waistband cut into my middle and gave me a small muffin top...something you do not want to see in kick ass workout pants is a muffin top. When I exchanged them for a large, the elastic waistband still cut a bit, so I am self conscious of muffin top syndrome. 3) they're pricey.

So, after much deliberation, Old Navy takes this one. I can't get over the waistband on my Athleta pants. They would be god-sent if they had a thicker waist. Don't the Athleta gods realize that thicker waist band = most coverage for the dreaded beer belly section. In Athleta's defense, they do have another pair of pants that appear to have a different waist called the Kick Booty pants. However, these Salamba pants were advertised as the Best Natural Choice Pant from Health how could I not buy them??

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