Wednesday, October 13, 2010

To Clog or Not to Clog...that is the question

I'm in quite the pickle. It's fall. That means alot of things. I have to wear pantyhose at work now. My legs are no longer sun kissed tan. They're weird and white. No more sans hose in the office, which usually means I start looking for more pants suits.

I've also had to put the flip flops away. Well, this weekend will mark the official turn over of my closet where the tanks, shorts, and bikinis get put in the plastic bin that gets shoved underneath the bed. I'm always very confused and torn when it comes to fall and winter shoes. I wear heels for work. I have problem picking out the newest styles and dropping some dough there. Mostly because I put on my heels once I'm in the courthouse. Generally, I'm not galavanting the streets of downtown Providence in 3" BCBG heels I may have scored at TJ Maxx. My conundrum starts here. I need somewhat casual shoes to sludge back and forth to the courthouse in.  It needs to have a slight heel so my suit pants don't drag on the grimy streets. It also needs to be something I can wear to the grocery store and to run my other very un fun errands in. I have plenty of boots in every height, color and style for when we go out on the weekends. But, let's face it. If I'm running to Walmart, I'm typically in a fleece and old jeans. I usually don't get all gussied up for trips to the big W.

So, 2 years ago I did the unmentionable. I bought a pair of these:

The dreaded Dansko. Some of you may read this and say, hey, I wear these, they're not that bad. I must disagree. I will side with you that they're pretty comfortable. But, fashionable, they are not. Mr. Allan loathes these shoes with a capital L. But, I sacrifice the style aspect for the comfort factor.

After 2 years of beating these bad boys up, they're worn and old looking and I decided it's time for something new. I went to Nordstroms to take a peek at the big shoe selection. I drifted towards the massive Ugg display. I'm kind of cool and with it, so of course I own Uggs. However, as I stood there amidst a crowd of 14 year olds, I realized, I'm one of those 32 year olds. The ones who can't admit that Uggs are not for my age bracket anymore. (it's like reading Cosmo and slowly realizing that when you're reading an article about skin care, you can no longer read the Skin in Your 20's page..and must flip to the 30's advice now)

This was further cemented in my head as I was at my local grocery store waiting in line this past weekend. It was an interesting crowd that afternoon...lots of scrunchies, matching velour sweat pant suits, and other fashion mishaps. I glanced at the woman in front of me. She had skinny jeans shoved into her Uggs. I looked up at her and thought, what is she trying to prove..she's pushing 40 trying to pull off Uggs. Then it hit me, she's only a few years older than me. So there's probably a 20 something year old behind me saying the same thing. Then it hit me, I am officially too old for Uggs.

But....the same day I had my Ugg revelation, I succumbed to the dreaded Dansko curse in Nordstroms. I looked at boots of all sizes which seemed impractical to trudge around the downtown streets in. I walked over to the Dansko display and thought, how bad can they really be if Nordstroms sells them, right?

I had the patent leather clog in my hand. I thought, hey, if my leather ones are as unstylish as I think they are, then patent leather is a step up, right? I asked the saleswoman for my size. About 5 minutes later, she came out with boxes galore. She said they didn't have the black patent leather in my size but she could order them. However, she brought other styles she thought would suit me. She proceeded to unleash these:

I was so insulted that I said No thank you and left Nordstroms even though I really really needed some Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. I could not believe that the lady at Nordstroms thought the 2 above clogs were my style. It's bad enough I bought plain black leather 2 years ago, but do i really look like the velour bedazzled clog wearing type of girl???? So, I proceeded to walk around Providence Place Mall with a dirty insulted look on my face and wander through 2 more shoes stores with no luck. I've tried to cure myself from the clog curse by convincing myself that I absolutely must, under no circumstance, and desperately need to buy a pair shoe booties for fall.

So my battle continues. My husband is no fashion plate, well, maybe he is a little. But, when I put on my old clogs as we're headed to the Homestead for dinner (where we definitely do fall under the fashion plate status) I hear him groan and feel like I am the proud owner of the most unsexiest shoes in the world. I will admit, I have put the patent leather clogs in my shopping cart twice this week. I'm not sure why I'm so hung up on my clog conundrum....however, my clog saga drags on....

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