Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mr. Allan had a great point today.....

Like everyone else, we turn on the tv and you're bombarded with politic ads and commercials bashing the other candidates. I had a rare moment at home yesterday. Mr. Allan was able to work from home. Usually we're rushing around, ok, I'm rushing around, swearing like a sailor trying to get my butt out the door on time. Mr. Allan made some coffee, I was early, and we were able to enjoy a cup of coffee and watch the local news. Commerical break came and this came on. Watch it. I'll post Mr. Allan's excellent points and then you can watch it again and say to, Mr. Allan's got some good points.

So after taking a glimpse at this, you might say, wow, that Chafee is a jerk raising taxes. This poor single mom school teacher.

After we saw this, Mr. Allan grabbed the TIVO remote. He rewinded the TV and paused at certain spots.

1) first pause- He stopped when this poor woman took the milk out and poured it into the cereal bowls. I have thought how cool would it be to get local dairy milk delivered. This idea was shot down. Why, to save money. Mr. Allan has it trained into my mind that we can't afford dairy milk delivered. Our poor single mom here can, though.

2) second pause- Mr. Allan stopped the commercial when we got a great view of this spacious kitchen. We both noted the lovely black granite countertops and the custom white cabinets and beautiful double convection oven. All three are things I would LOVE to have in my kitchen. But, we're penny pinchers making do with my regular old oven and normal counters.

3)third pause- getting gas into your nice shiny white SUV. I drive a Toyota Corolla. Not the most fashionable car, but I drive it because it's not a huge gas guzzling SUV and it looks alot older than this lady's car.

It makes you wonder. I first saw this and thought, wow is this single mom going to get screwed by the other politicians tax on groceries? After Mr. Allan made his points, I thought, wow, she's doing ok with her SUV, nice countertops, double convection ovens (I'm very jealous of this one), nice backyard with a primo swingset, home delivered dairy milk, and shopping in one of our area's nicer grocery stores.

Just a disclaimer...I have no idea who I'm voting for yet. I also have no idea who this lady is. We're just having fun poking at all this political ads and what's really in them. I also love how everyone bellyaches with our bad economy and getting taxes raised yet so unwilling to change the lifestyles we've grown used to.

oh well...onto the election in November!

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