Monday, September 20, 2010

I love my Garbage Bowl

I'm not a fan of Rachel Ray. She's a little too happy and giddy for me. I don't watch 30 minute meals and had to discontinue my subscription to her magazine. All the recipes are typically in the category of comfort food.

However, there's a couple things I do like about Rachel Ray.
1) her vegetarian chili good
2) this

What is it you may ask? It's Rachel Ray's Garbage Bowl. it's so simple of an idea and kind of a gimmick but I love it. I pull this puppy out when I'm doing any type of prep work for dinner or baking. It's a pain when you cut a green pepper in half and have to stand over the sink or garbage can to cut the seeds out and not have a million on your kitchen floor. With the garbage bowl, I just shove all the trash in it and dump it when dinner is in the oven.

I know that I could easily use a regular bowl, but I just don't. I would never think to pull out one of my nice OXO bowls and shove peels, rinds, and seeds and who knows what in it. I'd stand over the trash can instead.

It's hard to explain why exactly I'm head over heels for my garbage bowl, but I use it at least 4-5 times a week and it's made getting stuff ready a little easier.

So, Rachel Ray, while I may not enjoy your grunts and cute little sayings as you prepare a 30 minute meal, I do applaud you for making this ever so obvious and I totally don't need you gimmick bowl that I now cannot live without!

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