Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My new favorite salsa

I love salsa. I wasn't always a tomato lover, but there's something about a really nice fresh tasting salsa that I LOVE! Not to mention--salsa is a great snack...low calorie and healthy...just watch what you dip in it!

My new favorite salsa....

It's Sisters Salsa. This is a company based out of Blue Hill, ME. I find my Sister's Salsa at my local Whole Foods. They have a mild and this is my favorite...the Twice the Spice. It's perfect for those of you that might not like it hot hot hot, but like a tiny bit of spice!

check out their cool website...


It's fresh, tasty and I feel like I'm eating homemade salsa when I polish off a container, yes, I sometimes eat the whole container. I guess I rationalize that it's better than polishing off a bag of salt and vinegar chips!!!

Here are my two favorite chips to dip in Sisters Salsa...I try and eat food that doesn't have a lot of preservatives, isn't processed too heavily, and doesn't have a million ingredients.

My sister, Heidi, the Whole Foods guru, turned me onto these. I like them because they're all natural and have 4 ingredients. Does that mean I can eat the bag, absolutely not. It just means I'm choosing a healthier chip and still need to watch the portion sizes...so just pile alot of salsa on your Tortilla Strips.

and...Tostitos gets a shout out too...I do like their all natural Blue Tortilla Chips. One downfall--they're a little flimsy if you're doing some heavy dipping!

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  1. Oh I will have to look out for this Sister Salsa! I love salsa!