Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesdays!

So...what am I loving this wonderful first Wednesday in May???

I'm loving this black bean and corn salsa from Trader Joe's. I love a good salsa and love a nice fresh chunky one even better!
 It might not look like much from my cell phone picture..but it's SO good!

I'm loving that this movie comes out on Friday. I'm excited for a ladies night to see it! I loved the book and it looks like it'll be a decent chick flick!

Here's the book by Emily Giffin..a quick but enjoyable read!

I'm also loving this necklace from Kate Spade..a little splurge but since the blog is named Becoming Mrs. Allan..I thought it was a fitting piece of jewlery I needed!

Speaking of becoming a Mrs...I LOVED the Royal Wedding hype and the fashion! I loved Miss Kate and I loved the second looks of the night as well! I also loved that they just spent a secluded weekend alone after their wedding...and I'm also loving her shoes in the morning after going away picture!!!

So sad that the wedding is over...but I thoroughly enjoyed that she stuck to her classic, modern style and didn't have a huge fluffy dress that we'd expect a future Duchess to wear!

I also loved that she picked such a swanky form fitting sleek dress for her sister Pippa!

not to mention Pippa's green number afterhours!


  1. I want to see something borrowed SO bad!

  2. I could eat an enire jar of black bean and corn salsa! It is so yummy!

  3. I just started reading Something Borrowed and I am loving it so far!!! You are loving some great things today!

  4. I'm so jealous that you have a Trader Joes! We don't, I'm so bummed.

  5. I want to see Something Borrowed too, it looks good

  6. I really want to see that movie too, but I also need to read the book. I'll probably end up seeing the movie first though, haha.

    I absolutely adore Kate, I just think she has such great style. And Pippa looked beautiful on Friday.

  7. I want to see Something Borrowed so bad!! I love anything from Trader Joes!! Yum! :)

  8. I want to see Something Borrowed, too! I'm still enjoying looking at Royal Wedding pics :-) Happy Wednesday!

  9. Hey! Stopping by from WILW:) We don't have Trader Joe's which makes me sad because that salsa looks some kinda yummy!!! Love anything by Emily Giffin:)