Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today is my Friday

it's been one of those weeks...the longest kind ever. The kind where you wake up on Wednesday thinking it's Thursday and start driving to your wrong office. The kind where your cat starts meowing in the hallway because he knows it echos there at 4:45A.M. to let you know that he's hungry. When you fall back asleep five minutes later, your other cat thinks it's a fine time to start scratching a box somewhere in the house. The scratching is so loud that you jolt awake with the irrational thought in your head of ..oh no...she's scratching my brand new box of Seychelles sandals that were just delivered from Nordstroms.

When you finally roll out of bed and get in the shower and find out you're out of only gets better when you dry off, put your bathrobe on, only to open the bathroom door to feed the cats and step square in a furball. Once you're ready, you find out you're out of yogurt, and quickly heat up some leftover breakfast you had for dinner fritatta and make a fritatta sandwich to eat on the commute to work. While in the car, the fritatta decides it doesn't like to be between the pieces of bread and slips out to fall on your favorite new Ann Taylor dress.

Once at work, after you cleaned off your fritatta laden lap,  your voicemail is full of 9 messages of angry people who need to speak to you immediately. A day full of unhappy clients and a million cases exploding into monumental problems leads you home to crack open a bottle of pinot grigio. You go downstairs to get a leg up on some laundry so you can enjoy a long weekend to see cat #3 squat and pee outside the litter box onto a rug. Your theory that when the husband is away on business and the cats act mean, spiteful and naughty has now been undoubtedly proved true.

When you wake up the next morning on the actual Thursday, the one where it's really Thursday, you decide that you need to take a day off!

it's just been one of those today is my FRIDAY!!! May my clients cooperate, not swear at me today, my cats pee in the appropriate places and keep their furballs down, and definitely no fritatta for breakfast today.


  1. Holy wow....that was a crazy day!!!

    You need maybe 2 bottles of pinot today to make up for yesterday's madness!!

  2. You had a nutty day yesterday!! Enjoy your long weekend. :)