Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A sure sign the 80's are back?

Sweet Valley High books are back...I heard a rumor they were bringing JEM back..you know the ordinary waitress who touched her magic earrings and turned from plain jane Jerrica to the rockstar JEM! Skinny jeans are in style...although back in the day we pegged our pants to make them look like skinny jeans. While shopping recently here's another affirmation that the 80's are roaring back into style. Look what I spotted at American Apparel.

a bin full of ...are they really? SCRUNCHIES?

The tag confirmed it

and all my junior high and high school memories came back when I saw the model's photo


  1. i'm sorry but there's no way in hell you'll catch me wearing one of those ever again.

  2. Oh no. My daughter has been into 80's fashion for years (and she's only 13!) I am glad her hair is too short for those!:)

  3. Holy Cow! I can't believe that scrunchies are back! That is one thing from the 80's I could live without coming back!