Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

so what am I loving this wonderfully sunny Wednesday??

I'm loving these new Seychelles Purr wedges that got delivered to my house today! I saw them on Cheap Chicas site and after reading about them I knew I needed them! I opted for the pewter wedge..since I must confess I have about 3 pairs of nude ones already..don't tell the husband. Here's a link to the post that lured me in..Click .Here. But more's the newest addition to Mrs. Allan's closet
Another treat I've been loving..these So Delicious Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches. I was on the hunt for a treat to shove in the freezer that wasn't full of artificial ingredients, not too much fat and calories, and I'm trying to really limit our dairy intake. These fit the bill. I'm a huge fan of their creamer as well for my morning cup of joe!

I'm also in LOVE with the Real Housewives of New Jersey. I'll admit it..I'm a reality tv junkie! Thank god for TIVO which allows me to watch this crap in 15 minutes so I'm not parked in front of the tube every night. I loved the original season with the OC housewives and I've been hot and cold with some of the other seasons. I hated the DC housewives show, not a huge Atlanta fan, and the Beverly Hills lady restored my faith in the series. NJ and NY I went back and forth on. I think it's funny how the NY ladies are all about status and the socialite scene and nanny their kids out to the help. OC they're about status, name brand labels, but they see their kids a little more than the NY ladies. But, I really like the NJ ladies..although they completely confirm to me that the Jersey Shore look is alive and well and it is all about tanning and juiceheads, at least you see them making dinner and interacting with their kids and nannies aren't everywhere. But...I'm loving the dynamic between Theresa and her sister in law and cousin. I kind of feel bad for her that she's on this show and BAM..they cast her relatives!'s going to be a juicy season and I'm Team Teresa right now!

 I'm also loving my Alex and Ani bracelets. ( These are actually made in RI..they're made completely of recycled materials and I've been collecting and collecting the past couple months. I like that they're different. Here's a shot from my office this morning! A great website I usually buy them off of is

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I'm loving your bracelets!! So pretty!!

  2. So fun!! Now I want an ice cream sandwich!!!

  3. Your new wedges are fabulous, I want them too! I am loving your bracelets, very pretty!

  4. Those wedges are so cute! As soon as my prego feet go back to normal I'm shoe shopping! Happy Wednesday!

  5. I love the wedges and the bracelets!!!!!

    You are loving some great things today! Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  6. I love those braclets, so cute!

  7. I LOVE the shoes and the bracelets. Esp that they're recycled.

  8. Those bracelets are gorgeous, so is that dress from Kate in your other post! Awesome!

    See what I'm loving HERE.