Friday, May 13, 2011

Fun Friday!

Finally....the Fun Friday's post! Blogger has been down for the past 20 hours or so and it also ate yesterday's post! Boo...but at least it's the weekend!!!

So what's in store for this weekend???

I'm excited that Mr. Allan flew home in the wee hours of the night. I was sleeping when he came home and he was sleeping when I left this morning...but at least we're in the same zip code for the next week! I can't wait to just have someone besides three cats to hang out with at home! Not that the cats aren't good companionship, but I'm sick of talking to myself and need a little human interaction!

Tonight..we're headed down to Newport for dinner at the Salvation Cafe.

It's got a different atmosphere..a little eclectic but they make a mean espresso martini..a drink I'll be sure to have in my hand in a matter of hours!

The rest of the weekend is up in the air! One of our favorite nearby restaurants has a local farm dinner every month which is going on. I also need to do some does Mr. Allan! I was so proud of Mr. Allan when he said he wanted to go to Nordstroms for some new shoes. He said he goes through black dress shoes for work quickly, or they don't last and  he needed to invest in a good, expensive pair that will last more than a couple months! More expensive sometimes does equal better because it's a better quality...or so my theory goes...

So..hopefully a trip to the outlets near us will be in the agenda. Mrs. Allan desperately needs some work clothes and suits! I'm also on the hunt for a nice pair of white pants and a nice pair of nude heels. I'm struggling on the shoe front at work lately. So many heels have a huge platform under the ball of the foot. While that might be nice if you're headed out to an event or a nice dinner, that crap doesn't work when you're slugging up and down the hallways of the local court house. I need something that fashionable and I'll take just a little sensible and doesn't look like something my grandma would wear!

Hopefully I can find something along the lines of this...

Because stuff like this...ain't gonna work! (I'm starting to sound like an old lady claiming the shoes nowadays are too high!)

I also need to pick up some dresses I could hopefully pull off at work, some nice cardigans and a suit a two! I was a very well behaved wife for the last two seasons and barely bought antyhing. I've been recycling my suits like there's no tomorrow interchanging what I wear underneath and different accessories and need some new things in the mix!!!

Here's hoping the weather stays nice and the sales are abundant at the stores I frequent this weekend!

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  1. I like those shoes! I just got a pair of nude heels from Nordstoms. Good luck!