Thursday, May 12, 2011

Is Kate a copy cat?

From the lace sleeves to the neckline and fitted bodice..right down to the tiara...these looks are quite similar. Isabella Orsini had her own royal wedding two years ago as she married Belgium Prince Edouard de Ligne. Now everyone is abuzz about whether the new Duchess of Cambridge copied the look of Princess Isabella as the similarities are quite striking. It's like the king of all fashion faux pas and almost as bad as two celebrities showing up on the red carpet wearing the same frock. Here are some side by side pics of the two royal brunettes decked out in their gowns on their wedding days.

Princess Isabella on her wedding day two years ago

The Duchess of Cambridge last month

But...keeping it classy as I'm sure Princesses and Duchesses have to do...when asked about whether Kate copied her look, Isabella replied...she must have good taste!


  1. They both look gorgeous! The dress is a classic. :D

  2. Oh my gosh how interesting!! Such similarities!