Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I got all my sisters and me

We are family...I got all my sisters and me...c'mon you know the song..and it's fitting to sing along as I share pictures from a recent photoshoot with none other than my sisters and the fabulous photographer Mandy Mayberry (http://www.mandymayberry.com/). We had these photos taken as a gift for my mom and gave them to her on  Mother's Day!

I'm so excited that I finally get to share some of these. They were under top secret super duper hiding this past month while we waited for Mother's Day to do the big reveal!

We loved how they came out and..even better...I loved how much my mom loved them! I'm sure she's showing off her album to all her work peeps this week and she had Mr. Allan promptly hang the framed photo we gave her as soon as we got back to her house after brunch!

so....here we are! Thanks again Mandy!

This was deemed the framer....

This was Heidi's favorite..she's in the purple..because she has her super model chin down head tilt pose down to the T in this photo.

The Big sister...Heather..although she's a whopping 5'3 on a good day..so she doesn't live up to the title :)

the middle sister, Heidi...let's just say...classic middle child

Me...aka Mrs. Allan

One of my favorites...just because it's different!

Messing around on the beach....yes I'm an amazon compared to my two sisters!

some more sisterly love...

smiling pretty for Mom
I'm a fan of the candids where we're doing silly things!

Another favorite!
 flexing the muscles a little and getting a mini workout in
 some more solo shots of the 3H club as we call ourselves...

 and...the finale and final shot of our album ..which was very fitting!

All photos were taken by Mandy Mayberry. You can check out her work (and her blog!) at www.mandymayberry.com. Father's Day is just around the corner...and who doesn't love a nice photo!!!


  1. OMG, you are all gorgeous!!! What great photos.

  2. You 3 are stunning!!! Mandy, amazing work as always!!!!!

  3. I think you are all beautiful but of course I would!!!!!

  4. Love them!!!!!!! So pretty!

  5. Seriously, what a perfect gift for your mom! You and your sisters are so pretty!

  6. I would ADORE a gift like this from my kids at any age!! I love the unique poses:) Awesome gift idea!!