Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Best Pizza Crust!

Pizza was just something I banished from my diet. Back in the day, at 1 A.M., after the bars let out, the normal routine called for hitting up the local pizza by the slice place. Whether it was Antonio's during my days in college in Amherst (love me some Tortellini Pesto Pizza) or if it was grabbing a Four Cheese slice at Via Via in Newport...it was a part of my diet...which is probably why I was overweight and unhealthy. When I woke up, started to get my weight and eating habits under control, certain things just got cut off for me. Bowls of ice cream at night, nachos at restaurants, and my wee morning hour pizza snack was also another casualty.

But..last summer I got into grilling pizza. I found that I could make this forbidden food a bit healthier by using a whole wheat crust, and not loading down on cheese, pepperoni, and other toppings. I do love to grill pizza, but sometimes rolling out the dough, maneuvering it onto the actual grill and controlling the air bubbles in the crust gets the best of me. So, I was on the hunt for something else that was a healthy alternative..and I found it with this stuff...

Top This pizza crust..sold in the frozen section at my local grocery stores and Whole Foods too!

Why do I like this...they have a whole wheat version, it doesn't break the bank on fat and calories and it's pre cooked. You get 2 crusts in a package. It comes frozen, defrosts in about an hour, and I threw it on a pizza stone with toppings, cooked for ten minutes and had dinner.

My friend J suggested this combo...

I started out with some goat cheese. I spread it around as the base

next up..some fresh spinach

then some thinly sliced prosciutto

I popped it in the oven on my pizza stone for 10 minutes

Dinner was done.

Here's the website for Top This pizza crusts. I believe they're sold around the East Coast area...but even better..here's a link to their recipe page with so many combinations to try!


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