Monday, February 7, 2011

SuperBowl Ads..the highs and lows

Since my beloved Patriots weren't in the big game yesterday, I begrudgingly watched the Superbowl with two teams I didn't remotely care for, socialized with friends, ate too much, drank too much for a Sunday night, and least I'll get to watch some good Superbowl ads! But..before the ads, the night's ultimate low..Christina Aguilera messing up the lyrics to the National Anthem..ouch!
Even though I was disappointed and underwhelmed by most of them. This one had to be the commercial most are talking about today

I saw alot of Doritos last night...this commercial, umm..I don't know, I thought it was a bit weird

Other cute ones...the Faith Hill commercial for Teleflora..

I thought this Pepsi ad was cute as well

Lots of car commercials and I must say, not one movie that had a preview looked remotely entertaining..especially Cowboys and Aliens...yeah, one I'll be skipping!  So, even though the ads didn't really entertain too least the Superbowl was a great reason to get together with friends, have a little party and an excuse to drink on a work night!

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