Monday, February 7, 2011

Brussel Sprouts..the vegetable with the bad rap

I never ate a brussel sprout until I was 32 years old, so that would be until last week. I just assumed I hated them because you always hear...eeeewww, brussel sprouts. I feel like someone told me that everyone hates brussel sprouts, so I thought they were gross. They're pretty harmless looking...they look like tiny little heads of cabbage. They're green, and the only green thing I don't eat is asparagus, so I figured there'd be a good chance I'd like them.

Poor brussel sprouts...I feel like they're the equivalent to the smelly kid on the bus nobody wanted to sit next to.

My interest in brussel sprouts perked up around Thanksgiving. As I was reciting my menu, making my list, and checking it twice, my co-workers mentioned that they were making roasted brussel sprouts for their Thanksgiving feasts. I thought, who the hell likes brussel sprouts, what a weird thing to bring to Thanksgiving. Then, everyone in the room pretty much said they did. My boss told me once they're roasted, they taste completely different and take on an almost nutty taste. So, I decided to step out of the Allan comfort zone and give it a try. Mr. Allan is pretty good about food, he basically eats whatever I put infront of him, so I knew he'd be open to a new green vegetable.

So, after cutting the little ends that resembled the the core on Iceberg lettuce heads, I cut the brussel sprouts in half, threw them in a zip loc bag, added some salt and pepper and olive oil and gave them a shake. I put them on a cookie sheet and roasted them for about 15 minutes at 425 degrees. Here was the final product. I must say I was definitely taken aback at how much we enjoyed these.

They added a little something something to our pork chops and brown rice.

The one thing that surprised me...the cats were going apeshit when I was preparing them. This is our big boy, Davie, with a crazed I need brussel sprouts look in his eyes

Then his sister, Reese, got wind that food was around and joined in.

Overall, these will become part of the vegetable repertoire at the Allan household. I kind of feel silly for thinking I hated them all along without ever trying them. I'm all about roasting vegetables in the wintertime. We eat everything from roasted butternut squash to carrots and parsnips to sweet potatoes and now, brussel sprouts. Word to the wise...don't knock em' until you try em'.


  1. I've recently jumped on the brussel sprout band wagon too. I really like them but find that I can only eat a couple at a time.

    Your two little kitties are lovely. I'm a sucker for tortie colored cats :)

  2. We had brussel sprouts recently at a friend's house - she made them with bacon and garlic! amazing!! Totally changed my views on the "mini-cabbage!" I definitely want to give your recipe a whirl too!!

  3. Bacon sounds like a great addition....I almost added a little balsamic vinegar as well, but decided to keep it pretty simple since it was my first brussel sprout experience!

  4. Nate Grills them with onion, bacon and a balsamic glaze, and that is the only way I eat them. :) Mmmmm