Friday, February 18, 2011

Country Living

For Rhode Island, where I live is considered the country. I say the name of my town and I half expect people to do the up down to see if I'm wearing flannel, have all my teeth, and am driving the biggest pick up made. I'm about 5 miles from the next closest city, 2 miles from the major University in our state, but for RI, it's country living.

As I was sick, home bound, robe clad, with my box of tissues in my hand a couple weeks ago, my cats suddenly went ape shit, doing 5 laps around the house at mach speed over something they saw outside...

This is Davie, on high alert, on top of the brand new dining room table (bad boy!), spying some wild life..

I peeked outside to see a little head emerge from a bush

I live on a main road, so we occasionally see some odd tracks in the yard but I don't really see the actual animal too much

It's also an explanation for why this bush on the side of our tree gets eaten and weird looking every year...Mr. Allan though it was bugs...turns out it's popular with the deer

I tried to hook up the deer and threw a carrot its way. It sunk in the snow and the deer didn't look to inclined to dig it out

A crowd started to gather at the window to check it out...

So, what I thought to be a one time thing has turned into an everyday sighting...this deer has become the neighborhood pet. The neighbors that flank our house on either side have been feeding it grain. One neighbor told us that she got a close look and the deer looks like it may have been attacked by a coyote and has wounds to her face and body.
So, we've hopped on the adopt a deer program...our yard is mainly used for sleeping by the deer. She now comes around with a younger baby deer who stands guard while she naps under our large pine trees.
Every morning, whoever wakes up first, peeks out the window to do a deer check and see where they're sleeping in our yard.

Here they were this morning...the injured mama under the bush and the baby watching over her...

Those of you that really live in the country might be chuckling and rolling your eyes thinking..lady come to the real country...but this is country living in Rhode Island..

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