Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another new love....

It took 32 years, but I have finally found a skin care regimen that works for me. I know you might read this and think...woman, wash your face and moisturize...but it's really just not that simple. I have weird skin...some days it looks great, in the wintertime it's so dry that my nose peels like I have a sunburn, and then there's this bout of breakouts I've been experiencing in my 30's...not to mention..where does one 32 year old gal even start with the anti-aging crap?

It's been rough the past year...I finally found a moisturizer I love but I couldn't get the breakouts under control. I wash my face in the morning and at night and exfoliate quite frequently but I just couldn't get them to stop. So, a couple months ago, I was having a nice leisurely lunch with my friend, L. She mentioned this product...a gift from her mom..and, of course, impulsive me, had to buy it since she was having some similar skin issues and it helped her.

I must say...I'm in love with this stupid thing. My husband saw it near our electric toothbrushes and said..what is that thing? He kind of looks at me like I have three heads as I use it morning and night...but my face looks sooooo much better. I haven't had those huge I can feel them just hurting under the surface of my skin sitting there waiting to ruin my week breakouts since I started with my Clarisonic Cleanser.

I can't even describe how much I love this little doo-hicky machine. It gives me such a deep down clean that is the equivalent to a mini facial for me. It's no wonder why I was probably breaking out so bad...washing with my handy dandy face wash doesn't compare to washing my face with the Clarisonic. I'm sure there was make up, dirt and who knows what that I was wasn't getting off my face every night.

I bought mine at http://www.spalook.com/. They have some pretty kick-ass coupon codes and I nabbed it for 20% off with free shipping as well.

Here's how I justified my purchase....I probably get a few facials a year...I spend around $80 plus tip, not to mention the countless anti-acne face wash, spot treatment, etc I've purchases when I'm feeling bad about my skin and walk through the doors of any CVS, Target, Walmart, Rite Aid, or Walgreens. So, while the Clarisonic may be a little expensive (don't forget to google for a coupon code!), in the long run, absolutely, positively, 100% worth it....at least my face thinks so!


  1. Hi Holly!; I too am under a search for the right face routine and products...I feel that it all really depends on my mood..sometimes I'm willing to pay $100 for a face cream, and other times I'm like....nah, let's just go with a $20 and under...it's the same, right?
    My skin is oily and T-zone and no moisturizer is oil-free enough!...breakouts around my jawline before my monthly monster are guaranteed...so I'm still looking...But I have pondered at the clarisonic many many times...maybe I'll go impulsive like you and just get it ^_^ I loooooove to srub!!

    Thanks for the tip!!

  2. wow i need to try this out!! thanks for the review!

  3. Holly I have used Clarisonic for over a year and I love it! It truly does what its meant to.

  4. I like this, I need something of regimen myself. i have strange "moody" skin! Glad to find you, thanks for posting this on blogfrog! Looking forward to following:)