Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sprucing up the wardrobe for Mexico

In a mere 4 weeks I will be sitting on Maroma Beach, with a fruity cocktail in my hand enjoying a fabulous Mexican vacation. Mission Minimize My Muffin Top is in full force and effect with good showings at the gym for the past 2 months and now kicking the diet into holy crap I'm wearing a bikini next month mode. I will not lie, having the stomach flu really helped with dropping a couple a very violent painful way, but I'll take it.

So, since the vacation is so fabulous...the wardrobe needs to match it. I'm debating between many things...but last year I slummed around in my Haviana flip flops all summer and I don't think I bought one new pair of summer shoes..and to further defend myself I'm totally wearing all last years boots and haven't bought one single new pair in 2011. Yes, Mr. Allan, you have the best frugal wife ever!

So today's dilemma.... Mystique, Jack Rogers or Tory Burch sandals...what's a girl to do?

First up Mystique...I like the look but I'm unsure about the different colors and styles of the I going to be anal retentive about aqua blue if I'm wearing something else that doesn't quite go?? Is that ornate little strap going to be comfortable, or am I going to have to whip out my Band Aid clear no rub stick every five minutes?

Next up Jack Rogers...I can't decide if I think these are classic or so two years ago...

Last Tory Burch...I keep going back to these...I like the Tory Burch symbol/design..I'm not sure if I'd go in the black patent leather only for the dust seems to show up on everything.
I could ask my Mr. Allan's advice...he is quite the fashionista sometimes...but he'd ask me what's wrong with all the sandals in my closet. Why? Because he's a guy.

Next debacle...trying to get Mr. Allan to agree that I totally need new Chanel sunglasses because I've been slumming with my Ann Taylor loft deals every year. As my friend, A, said, every girl has a right to own a pair of Chanel...if I can only convince Mr. Allan about this.....


  1. I personally <3 the Mystique! Turquiose on tanned skin is hott!