Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bachelor Brad....

I'm not sure why I'm so addicted this season.but..once again here's my recap of last night's marvelous television....I must admit, though, last night was the first time I got a bit annoyed with Bachelor Brad...if he said one more time I'm so excited..I was going to smack him

Tonight was a bonafide cry fest. I couldn't take it anymore...weepy woman after weepy woman....I feel so bad for these girls that they get so teary eyed over the man they've had four different six minute conversations with and then cry when he doesn't pick them or tells them he's not wife material only because they look like such fools!

Let's talk about this week's monumental showdown...the 2 on 1 date of Ashley vs. Ashley. In one corner we had the short pixie like dentist with the big forehead who was driving the other ladies crazy last week...and in the other corner we have the soft spoken nanny who was terribly insecure and, yes, you guessed it...got the boot and sobbed hysterically in her exit interview to the point where she couldn't go on and just put her head in her hands. I thought it was somewhat funny and a little bit cruel of ABC to play that Elvis song. "Are you Lonesome Tonight" and keep flashing back to the nanny in the limo riding home.

Michelle..aka Crazytown is what I like to call her is still in the game driving the ladies nuts. I LOVED when Shawntel, the undertaker, came back from the shopping spree. I thought Crazytown's eyes were going to pop out of her overly spray tanned face. She told the cameras she wanted to be with Brad on the date...no, you wanted the $5000 Fendi purse, honey!

Then we had the racetrack date. Poor Brad..he feels so stupid that he picked the date and had no idea about Emily's race car fiancee...hmm..maybe the producers could have clued him in.

My favorite part...Brad's mini consultation with his therapist. Stop the presses...isn't the boy from TX, so why is he having a conference call with his therapist in LA who just happens to have an office phone set up on his patio table..there readily available for Brad. The whole therapist on call storyline is dumb. I'm expecting the therapist to pop out of a mountain in Costa Rica when Brad has a question for him after another girl starts crying.

Then, after a climactic rose ceremony...he sent Marisa and Melissa...I think that's what their names were...they were girl with the bad frizzy light brown hair and the other girl with the wide set eyes who looks like a bad Disney Snow White.

The final cheeseball note...Marry Me Mondays? Did anyone catch this new clip where men across America can propose during the show. Dear Men across America...BAD IDEA to propose to your fiance during a Bachelor commercial. Just my two cents!

Here's another video clip...the infamous exit interviews where the girls cry and try and pick out what was wrong with them

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