Thursday, February 24, 2011

a CAT-astrophe

I'm going to sound like a crazy cat lady, so bear with me, because I know, in a way, I kind of am. The cat population in our house outnumbers the human population...something my co-worker, M, told me is not normal. The not so funniest why is this happening to me while Mr. Allan is away thing happened the other night.

I went to the gym, worked out like a mad woman in full I'm going to Mexico and wearing a bathing suit mode. I come home to three very cute furry and very hungry cats. I turn on some lights, get situated, drop the work bags to the floor, and get their food bowls and feed them. We have a very cute calico cat named Annabelle...or A-belle as we like to call her. After she eats she typically heads downstairs to our lower level where the litter boxes are located. She does her business then bee-lines it upstairs like a little speeding bullet and does a lap around the house. It's her signature bathroom routine...but as long as she's going in the box, I could care less what she's doing.

Last night was no different. I settled in on the couch with my bowl of brown rice and black beans, flipped on Tivo to see what bad reality television I could get into. A-belle bounces downstairs to do what she's got to do. Her brother, Davie, is sitting patiently trying to get some of my beans and rice, even though I know he doesn't like them. All of a sudden I hear a weird thumping noise. Our cats love to play with their toys, so at first I thought...hmmm..maybe its one of them throwing a mouse in the air and tackling it. The thumping got loud and erratic. I turn to see A-belle doing the butt rub all up and down the hallway. Any pet owner knows what the butt rub is.

So I try to grab her to help her out a little even though the LAST thing I want to do is to wipe poo off my cat's butt, but even worse than that would be trying to clean off smooshed poo that she rubbed on a rug. Luckily, I contained her the hardwoods and had skid marks up the hall that needed to be cleaned up.

here's the kicker. During the wintertime when I'm slugging around the streets of downtown Providence in a suit for work, I wear Dansko clogs. Mr. Allan loathes these shoes. He groans when I put them on and I try to defend myself telling him I wear them to walk to court and put on heels once I'm there, but I'm not trucking around the streets in stilettos. While A-belle was furiously doing the butt rub trying to dislodge that pesky piece of poo, she butt rubbed right over on my shoes and left a huge mark. It was like Mr. Allan, who's on travel, directed her to do so.

So, here's where I sound like the crazy cat lady. Mr. Allan travels, a lot. I swear to God, when he goes away, the cats act crazy. The first day they're a little needy and want to snuggle up to their mama. They sleep with me, will sit on my lap, ask for some extra scratches. The next day, when they really notice he's missing, they start to get a little on Lady, what'd you do with our dad. The following day, they get vengeful..thinking I have Mr. Allan tied up, bound and gagged, in the trunk of my car. They'll run around the house like chickens with their heads cut off, run downstairs to the main door and scratch it like Mr. Allan's hiding behind it. They cough up extra nasty hair balls, usually like to be a bit messy around their litter boxes, and they fight like there's no tomorrow. So, I'm fully convinced, this was a vengeful poo incident.'s my absolute favorite part of the night. After the mess was cleaned up, the floor washed, and Nature's Miracle sprayed, I decided to go to bed and watch Teen Mom 2. Little A-belle decided to come with me. She walked around the bed and finally settled in......

right on Mr. Allan's pillow

So, needless to say, laundry is in my future tonight as Mr. Allan returns from a business trip tomorrow :)

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  1. Oh man what a story and what a night! Yes as a cat owner I am all to familliar with the butt rub. I also totally agree with the vengeful poo, or as we call it in our household, the protest poo. Our cat seems to do this when we have company and she doesn't like her world being shaken up. Crazy little furballs!