Friday, February 25, 2011

Best Invention Ever

Unfortunately, panty hose are a part of my cold weather work uniform. I wear a suit every day for work, mostly skirts, and have to throw them on when the legs aren't tan enough to pull off the naked leg look.

I hate panty hose. No matter what size you are, they make you feel like a sausage. They always give you unsightly bulges at the waist and give you a muffin top even if you don't normally have one. I love L'eggs Sheer Engery and Sheer Vitality pantyhose. They last FOREVER. I have maybe two or three pairs and they last me the whole fall and winter season.

Now, the L'eggs people have a new product. It's like they heard my little prayers hoping for pantyhose that didn't give me the sausage muffin top effect. They invented WAIST BANDLESS pantyhose!!!!

I was a little apprehensive about how these would work. Would they stay up all day long, was the top going to roll down on me, or would I just have a smaller more minimal sausage look? I'm so happy to report that these are living up to the high lofty standards I thought they would. No rolling down at the top of them, no unsightly bulges at my waist line, and they stay in place. These are making me not detest wearing a suit everyday. I feel like I've had a little extra spring in my step all week and instead of reaching for a pants suit everyday (which is a huge pain with this winter weather...all my pants are sporting salt stains on the bottom!)...I've been happily showing the legs at work.

This might not sound too exciting but if you're forced to wear them like's truly the most exciting thing I've encountered in months!

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  1. HOLLY! What a great find! I am sharing! It is also part of my works dresscode for women to wear pantyhose and I already have a short torso so the wasteband annoys the living crapola out of me! I hate knee/thigh highs...make me feel like some call girl...well the thigh highs do LOL. Woohoo!