Thursday, February 3, 2011

All this snow and ice in New England...

is seriously no joke! Here's a video from Easton, Ma. This building is home to Sunco, Inc., a cabinet wholesaler.

I thought Mr. Allan was nuts for shoveling the roof this past weekend! I guess there was a theory and method to his madness. He was on high alert yesterday as he worked from home. He opened up the sliding doors to see how the ice was affecting the back gutters. Our sneaky big cat, Davie, snuck by his legs, ran out onto the ice and snow covered deck, down the icy stairs and into the yard. Mr. Allan chased him down the icy stairs, lost a slipper, and ran into the snow in his SOCKS to catch our pesky cat. Mr. Allan told me the story when I got home from work after my almost 2 hour white knuckled, jaw clenching, oh my god I'm going to die on black ice, commute home. I couldn't stop's the part about running in the snow in his socks that doubles me over and the sight of his slippers positioned over the heater to dry that makes me laugh so much!

Here's our pesky boy while he was keeping his momma company during my bout of sickness this week...I think he's cute..Mr. Allan refers to him as smug

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