Friday, February 25, 2011

The second best invention ever

well...maybe not really but this is a lifesaver...especially if you're the owner of the world's fluffiest cat with the finest hair. Our cat Davie could be shaved and make a really elegant sweater. He lays all over the furniture because we're bad cat parents with no discipline. So, my furniture unfortunately always has a nice thin layer of his fluffiness on it. As my sister Heidi can't wear black in our house and you need a lint brush...although I really don't think it's that bad.

Here's the fluffly source of our cat hair problem...Davie...he also goes by Smuggy McSmuggenstien and Snuggly McFluffy...he's also an award winning Mr. Allan entered an amateur photo contest and received an honorable mention for a picture of this fluffball sunning himself.

such a cute boy

Here's Mr. Allan's picture of our smug  award winning model cat

Davie snuggling up enjoying American Idol with me. I've turned him into the ultimate Mama's boy..Mr. Allan reminisces about how "cool" Davie used to be..they'd play fetch with a mini nerf football and now he's a sappy snuggly Mama's boy

Ok...enough with the cat pictures...but c'mon, he's super cute...I won't mention too much about my little Cujo biting incident when he didn't like the guy installing the water dispenser in the fridge and bit his Mama...but that's so behind us! Now..onto what I think is the second best invention ever..for this week at least.

We have microfiber couches. I really like them..nothing stains too much on them but we do have the issue of the cat hair. I tried the Pledge Fabric Sweeper for pet hair. It's the blue box like contraption and on the underneath there are two rollers that catch the pet hair when you rub it back and forth. It worked a little, but wouldn't really get everything tidied up my couches but I'd resort to using a lint brush that we use on our clothes.

Then my sister suggested this little deal....and it's working so well on our couches.

The material of the Fur Fighter sheets just has more grip and gets more stuff off furniture. I even resort to using this on our stairs. When I vacuum, I have the hardest time getting the cat hair off the edge of the carpeted stairs....this does the trick. I bought the Fur Fighter and we used it for month. I ran out of the refill sheets and kept making a mental note to grab more when I did my Walmart Target runs. It was about 3 weeks by the time I finally remembered. I tried cleaning the couches with a lint brush and they were an absolute mess and it made me realize just how vital this little thing is to keeping the cat hair under control.

Now, I just need an invention to get the cat drool stains off the corner of the cushion where one little furball sleeps every day and neat little contraption to catch the cat hair tumbleweed that floats under the couches.


  1. Ha! Don't be ashamed of you kitty love! Kitties sleeping in the sun are just the best. And how do you not get jealous of how peaceful and comfortable they look! The Fur Fighter stuff sounds pretty good!

  2. Love the Fur Fighter!!! I use it all the time on our couches/chairs too!!