Thursday, February 24, 2011

R.I.P. Mama Deer

I might sound like a loon...but I'm really sad the neighborhood deer that we, as well as our two neighbors, have been feeding for the past month, died this week. She was in rough shape. Our neighbor thinks she was hit by a car last month and never recovered from her injuries. It was so cute the way she curled up under our pine trees and the baby deer looked over her. Our neighbor found her in her yard this week. She called the Department of Environmental Management who picked her up so other animals wouldn't get to her. She also said the baby was running around behind our houses :(

Here's one more shot of our little neighborhood pet. She did a number on the bush on the side of our shed...but we'll get over's the Mama resting and her baby looking on

We could tell she was getting worse...this was Mama deer on Sunday morning. She stayed there for about 7 hours all throughout the day.

sniff sniff....


  1. I was ok reading this until you mentioned the baby deer wandering around! Poor mama and baby deer. :( Seriously, I now have a stuffy nose from this. Maybe I'm also a loon. Maybe it's something in the name.

  2. Ha Ha! Maybe it is a Holly thing! I was so sad over the weekend because she didn't look well and was sleeping in our yard for hours on end. My husband opened the garage and she didn't budge..and baby deer would go over and lick and groom her :(

  3. Oh my goodness this is so sad! I would have been a mess too! Poor sweet thing. It's lucky that it had you and your neighbor to treat it so well during her last days.

  4. I feel so bad especially for the will it take care of itself?

  5. The neighbors are still leaving food I think the baby deer is at least well fed!