Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesdays!

Time for another installment of What I'm Loving Wednesday with

So...what am I loving this Wednesday?

I'm in love with Essie nail polish. Since the weather is a bit cooler...the peaches and oranges I wore all summer have been shelved and I'm back to my absolute favorite Essie color ever...Wicked! I had a family wedding this past a manicure/pedicure was needed and Essie's Wicked it was!

I'm also in love with this salsa...I buy it almost weekly unless I can't get to Whole Foods and it's one of my favorite salsas ever. I'm not a fan of super spicy stuff..but this has just enough kick to make it interesting but not send me running for water. Sister's comes in mild and Twice the Spice..which is my favorite.

 I buy my Sister's Salsa at Whole Foods...check them out at

I'm also excited to have this Friday off! We're headed out of town for the weekend for a little early anniversary celebration. Since we had such a great time on a weekend trip to Nantucket in June, we decided to go back.
looking forward to lots of good dinner reservations we have set up and exploring the beaches in a Jeep once again!

I'm also loving that our 2nd anniversary is creeping up on us! So hard to believe that this day was almost two years ago!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. perfect fall nail color! i will have to go check it out! and i love salsa :)

  2. We have almost identical rings and identical nail polish color right now. Twinsies.

  3. love that nail polish!! and happy 2 years ;)

    {I've got a Kate Spade giveaway going on right now & would love to see you there!}

  4. Your nailpolish is so cute! I loove salsa. Right now I'm obsessed with Tostitos Restaurant style. :) I also make a mean salsa at home, but I have been kind of lazy lately. Happy 2 years! :)

  5. I also love Essie Nail polishes! I'm wearing "Big Spender" right now and I love it!