Monday, September 26, 2011

The First Weekend in Fall...

It may have been 80 degrees and humid as hell...but the first weekend in fall brought us a fabulous family wedding in the little town of Sturbridge, Massachusetts. After the festivities were done, we were checked out of the hotel and had breakfast in our hung over stomachs....Mr. Allan and I explored the area a little and took the back country roads home. It proved for a very relaxing drive home and gave us an excuse to stop at all the little farm stands. The towns were all decorated with pumpkins and of course we decided to buy as many mums that we could fit in my good old little Toyota..

And...we've accepted the fact that summer is over. No more Saturdays by the pool, it's time to put pantyhose on with my skirt suits and the open toed shoes will be put away. I'll probably start packing up the 53 different tank tops from Old Navy and pull out the boots and we've found ourselves ordering pumpkin beer any time we're at a bar. So, we saw fit to embrace fall and decorate the stoop....and the fact that it is now officially fall!