Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Last week was a very very very very long week...Hurricane Irene knocked out the power from Sunday thru Wednesday. We had no internet, cable, or phone until Saturday. So my poor little blog took a hit! But, I'm back online at home! Here's a little recap of what the week was like....

dinner by candlelight...thank god for alcohol!

We tried to eat as many perishable items as possible...so it meant bacon and eggs by candlelight as well...I wish I would have realized then that those nasty bacon grease laced pans would sit on my counter for 4 days since no power for us means no water!

There was a lot of wine and I was thankful for my slight obsession with magazines...I'm not sure what Mr. Allan and I would have done without our Kindles and mags!

While we read...the cats did a whole lot of relaxing...the power outage didn't affect them one bit.

and...our other activity....this wretched $12 game provided a lot of entertainment! I have a slight obsession with Bananagrams...maybe because I beat Mr. Allan every time!
So happy to have the internet back up and to get back to some blogging this week!

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  1. Glad you are back. I've done without power, but I would have a hard time without running water. I'm happy the cat did well. :)