Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Back on the What I'm Loving Wednesday train....last week's power outages and hurricane aftermath kept me away from one of my favorite blog hops!

So what am I loving this Wednesday?

I'm a little sad that summer is coming to an end. Today it was a mere 64 degrees...the central air isn't kicking on as much, I find myself reaching for jeans a little more, and at night I've been crawling under the down comforter. It's sad to say, but the stupid hurricane last week was a sign that summer is coming to an end for me. Our poor pool is covered with leaves that are falling down already! The only plus about fall...Starbucks brought back the pumpkin spiced latte yesterday! It may sound odd..but these remind me of my wedding. The hotel Mr. Allan and I got married in had a Starbucks in the lobby. Every time we delivered stuff, met with people there, we always got one. The morning of my wedding while my sister slept in, I scooted downstairs and had one. I remember sitting around in my little white hoodie, trying to relax for such an exciting day ahead of me and sipping on my pumpkin spiced latte (with non fat milk of course!)

I'm also loving that this is back on....
I know there's a lot of controversy with the recent death of one of the housewives husbands...but...this is my absolute favorite Real Housewives! I'm excited to see what's in store!

Since the power was out last week...I did a TON of reading. All I can say is thank god that Mr. Allan and I bought the Kindle covers that had their own little lights attached. I must came in pretty handy! One book I read that I really enjoyed...
Sarah's Key by Tatiana deRosnay. I loved the story, loved the historic aspect and overall really enjoyed this book!

I'm also a fan of Big Brother...every summer I swear I won't get caught up in it since it's a huge time commitment ..kind of like American Idol. But, once again...I watch the first episode or so and get hooked. One of the reasons why I got hooked this season...because I love this girl! She's almost like my summer girl crush!
Jordan was paired with her eyecandy hottie of a boyfriend Jeff who got evicted a couple weeks ago..she comes off as the sweetest girl and I'm Team Jordan til the end!

I'm also loving this's gearing me up for fall and a nice healthy bring along to work breakfast that I make. It starts with this stuff...Trader Joe's Frozen Steel Cut Oats. Nuke them in the microwave for 2 1/2 minutes. I then add a sprinkle of cinnamon, some cut up apple, and a couple of walnuts. It's like an apple pie steel cut oatmeal. If you don't have apple, throw in some other dried fruit!

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  1. Jordan is my girl crush also!!

  2. That's so funny, I got married at Christmas and I had their Gingerbread Latte the morning of our wedding. Now everytime I drink one it makes me think of our wedding day. I love it!

  3. It's official, I'm getting a Pumpkin Spice Latte today, my first of the season. haha

  4. Great things you are loving today :)