Thursday, September 1, 2011

The lights are back on!

After 4 days of no power and no water...last night the lights turned back on! I never thought this Hurricane that most people are calling a bust and claiming that the weather channels and news media over inflated it to be a bigger deal that it was would knock us so off kelter for 4 days.

We woke up Sunday morning to howling winds and no power. The no power I could deal with. Big deal..we didn't have lights, needed to be careful about the fridge, and no tv or internet. I could deal. It's the no WATER that was driving me insane. We have a well, no city or town water. So, once the power clicks off, the well pump stops working. I could've dealt with a cold shower, as long as there was water flowing from a faucet! Having no power is a big blow, but having no means to rinse dishes, wash your face, take a shower or flush your toilets was the bigger issue. After days of showering at the gym and dealing with other gym patrons who told informed me that the gym wasn't a hostel (thanks very nice lady)I hit the breaking point on Tuesday night. Every time I drove home and every time I woke up I was so sure the power would be back on...finally last night it clicked on. I feel for the few neighbors across the street who don't have power..they're probably having the feeling I had earlier...every house with lights on I wanted to throw rocks at!

So while there's no phone, television, or internet...I could care less! We now have running water and a new appreciation for all the things we take for flipping a switch and having a light or not having to house our groceries in a cooler. May the lights turn back on for everyone soon! Hopefully my sis, who's still without power, will take advantage of our shower and washer and dryer and we can coax the neighbors without lights over for dinner tonight!

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  1. That'd be so nice of you to help out the other neighbors! Glad the power finally came back on for you. How frustrating.