Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to tell it's fall in the Allan household

There are still 2 days left to the summer season, but fall is upon us in my house...here's how I can tell...

the quilts have emerged from the closets....and unfortunately we're using them at night!

I'm no longer pitter pattering around the house in my bare feet..okay, maybe I don't necessarily pitter patter..it's probably more like stomping around..but the good old Isotoner slippers have been dug out of the bottom of my closet

The old Weight Watcher's pumpkin mousse recipe has surfaced...our favorite fall dessert at home

Once the weather turns..Mr. Allan switches from his Bombay Sapphire gin to his cold weather drink..Maker's Mark

the saddest summer is really over sight of all...the pool all closed up! While I do love the change of seasons in New England, it's always around this time where I wish summer was just a teeny bit longer. Once again, summer was way too busy and way too short!

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