Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Time for What I'm Loving Wednesday with!

So what am I loving this Wednesday?

I'm new to this show..I do watch a lot of crap tv and when I discover a new show it usually means the husband is away on business! But, I'm really enjoying Giuliana and Bill on the Style network!

I'm also loving these burritos from Evol. I usually don't eat a lot of pre packaged frozen items. But, after a kind of long workout at the gym on Monday, I was beat. I needed to go grocery shopping for myself for the week, I knew laundry and hungry cats were waiting at home. I went to the frozen section to grab some Ezekial bread and saw these.

They're 70% organic and the ingredients include free range antibiotic and hormone free chicken, brown rice, hormone and RSBT free cheese, and roasted corn salsa. It's wrapped in a flour tortilla that's handmade from flour oil and salt. So, if you're going to have a frozen meal in a's not a bad choice. Check out their products at

In the Northeast, their products are sold at Wholefoods and Stop and Shop...if you're a RI'er..Dave's Marketplace carries them as well!

I'm also loving that this wretched show is over. I'm kind of suprised it lasted as long as it did...especially after the divorce played out on reality tv. I really kind of feel bad for these kids and I think their mother exploited them on reality tv for the fame and money. I'm interested to see how she can keep the fame whore act up with the show gone.

I still it think it's pretty amazing how she toted herself as a "normal" mom yet went from this and this

to this
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Speaking of reality stars....I'm also sort of loving that this old Laguna Beach/Hills MTV starlet is going to be part of the new Dancing With the Stars cast. I didn't like her on the shows (I was sooooo Team LC!) but I feel bad that her QB  fiance, Chris Cutler,  just kicked her to the curb and took her purty 5 carat ring back...especially  after this photosuit with Life and Style Magazine two days before the broken engagement.

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Im glad the show is over too!!!

  2. I am going to look into those burritos... I went to their website and found a store near me that sells them, so thank you for the heads up! I am a huge fan of the show Giuliana and Bill too. I found your blog through the linkup and had to become your newest follower! I look forward to reading your other posts.
    -Sarah from

  3. I love Bill and Giuliana. I so want Mama DePandi to make dinner for me! They are a really cute family!

  4. I just got hooked on Bill and Giuliana recently too! It's a fun show and they have a great dynamic. I didn't even realize that Kate Plus 8 was still on until I came across that channel the other day. I'm glad it's over, I just hope those kids have a shot at a "normal" life.

  5. oh i agree with you on this entire list! giuliana and bill is such a great show. i hope they are blessed with a little one soon. and kristin cavallari is so awful ... i can't believe her fiance just bailed the way he did! and i truly, truly hope that kate gosselin stays away from the spotlight from here on out.

    new follower, please stop on by:

  6. Giuliana and Bill is kind of one of my favorite shows in the whole entire world :) I LOOOOVE that someone else is as excited for Kate Plus Eight to be over too! As much as I love those kids, it's seriously time for her to calm down and raise her kids. That's all that should matter to her in the world, but instead the fame monster has taken over and I feel bad for those poor things.