Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It's been a rough first half of the week....coming back from vacation, even though I didn't really do anything but sit on the beach, eat a lot, and drink copious amounts of Pinot Grigio...(just call me Ramona!) I could barely peel myself out of bed on Monday, yawned my way through Tuesday and am so glad it's already Wednesday...and time for What I'm Loving Wednesday with Jaime from

So what am I loving this Wednesday???

One big item on my to do list before we went on vacation was to get some body moisturizer! I had a ton of almost empty bottles of some of my favorites...Fresh and Bliss...but was itching to try something new since I've been using those brands for a while. I hit up the LUSH store at the mall and found a ton of products I had to try...but the standout one is their Dream Cream. I love that all products at Lush are natural, hand made, and they try and strive to be eco friendly with their packaging. For more products you can go to I went on a little shopping spree there and have a bathroom full of Lush stuff right now!

I'm also loving that this show is back on Thursday...yeah I know most people cringe, hate that Italian Americans are portrayed this way, that Jersey isn't really like this...but aside from all's pure trashy entertainment! Plus, RI's own Pauly D is part of the cast!

I'm also loving this Essie color...Peach Daiquiri...I love that oranges are big this summer and if you don't want to take the full fledged orange nail polish look this is a great cross between a light pink and orange...

I'm also loving this stuff...Piz Buin sun moisturizing lotion. I buy it on ebay and You might think..sunblock is sunblock. I'm not a fan of the spray ons..I use them for Mr. Allan because we're applying sunscreen on his fair skin 5 times a day while we're at the beach. But, for me, I have a darker skin tone than him and want something that I can put on once and lasts all day. My co worker, M, recommended this to me. I think he found it while vacationing overseas and then again on ebay. It rubs in like a moisturizer, it isn't sticky or tacky, and it smells great. It's pricey....but I applied it once in the morning and maybe a second application if we were having a marathon beach day. If I don't put on sunscreen, I can get a little red. With this, no burns, no gross greasy nasty sunscreen feeling either!

Have a great week!


  1. ok, totally thought that lotion was ice cream haha. I love your blog, Holly! I'm following...

  2. Totally forgot Jersey Shore starts this week!! Woo-hoo!!!

  3. Just found your blog from Jamie's site! Love your picks! I am super excited about JWow and Pauly D being back on TV ha! Also, I am wearing Peach Daiquiri now! I am a new follower :)

  4. Love me some Jersey Shore!! Jwoww is looking sooo fake these days. Hahaha