Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm found out that I'm not 21 anymore...

therefore I shouldn't drink like I am! This has been the summer of gluttony for me...especially when it comes to enjoying a drink outside on the deck overlooking the pool...I don't know if I think I'm Ramona Singer from the Real Housewives of New York, but the drink of choice has been a glass of pinot grigio to salute summertime! I don't think I'm as bad as Ramona yelling and shaking for a glass as soon as I get to someone's BBQ or event, but there's been a many bottles polished off this summer...especially on vacation!

So, this past weekend I decided to mix it up a little...and this nice little liquer became the bane of my existence.

St. Germain, or also known as Elder Flower Liquer, is soooooo good. Two cocktails we loved....a shot of St. Germain, a shot of citrus vodka or regular and top with some champagne. If you only have regular vodka, then add a twist of lime, lemon, or orange...or even toss in a couple berries. If you're not feeling the vodka, you can also have equal parts St. Germain and Champagne. So good...but too many can be deadly, as I found out on Saturday morning!


  1. haha i can totally relate! my younger self recovered from a hangover in three hours. now it takes me three days!

  2. St. Germain is so good! One of my girlfriends put that in a white Sangria and it was amazing.