Monday, August 15, 2011

The Allan's have entered into the Millenium....

because I'm pretty sure we're some of the only people out there who still have TV's that weigh a million pounds and still have a tube in them.

Not any more...thank you Massachusetts for having a tax free doesn't look like much but makes me feel caught up with the times!


  1. No ma'am, you weren't the only one...we just got a flat screen about a month ago...FINALLY after our tube finally bit the dust! Sometimes it's the little things (or in this case a big thing) that make you smile and feel all "hip", isn't it?! And as an aside, why is it that when you WANT something to die so you can replace it, it never does, but when you want to keep something forever it dies quickly?!

  2. Grandma and Grandpa still have the old TV's and I am sure they will have them for a while.

  3. haha I still have a tube in my bedroom. i wish it would die already so i could replace it!