Friday, August 26, 2011

Getting ready for Irene!

If you live on the East Coast, the news is plastered with information about Hurricane Irene. She's upon the Carolinas now and due to sneak up the coast towards New England on Saturday and Sunday, with our biggest hit on Sunday afternoon.

So, as we New Englanders joke..time to get your milk and bread..and people are pretty serious about that! I went out last night to see people furiously stocking up on cases on water. Walmart's shelves were practically bare. Good think we drink Almond Milk in the Allan household and don't eat too much bread!

Here's the track our local stations are predicting...

with our lovely 7 day forecast...Irene gets a whole day to herself!

so while Mr. Allan walked around our yard last night making a list with about 20 To-Dos on it, and is taking the afternoon off to move patio furniture, pool furniture, adirondack chairs, flower boxes and what not...I made my to do list to get ready for the hurricane...

1. Charge cell phone
2. Charge extra cell phone battery
3. Charge kindle
4. Make a pot o chili to eat
5. Liquor Store run for wine

Obviously...#5 is the most important!

Stay safe, be smart, and enjoy riding out this storm! And a little entertainment...


  1. I know a little about hurricanes, given I live in New Orleans... look for things in your yard that could be picked up by the wind and thrown into the windows... if you think you're in an area where electricity and water will be affected, then fill up the tub with water, so you can still use/flush the toilet and then put the water from the tub in there.... Lots of other ideas, but I'm sure you know what you're doing. Be safe!