Friday, August 5, 2011

A nice little beach vacation....

Here's a snap shot of our little vacation....every July since 2001, Mr. Allan and I have gone to Martha's Vineyard...a little island off the coast of Cape Cod, MA. It started off as a camping trip with 40 of our closest friends. Every year we'd start talking about the Vineyard trip..what we'd bring for the campsite, who would have the biggest tent, the best decorations etc. While I was a trooper and did camp for 8 of the 10 years we've been going....the last 2 years we've opted to rent a house vs. the camping. Mr. Allan is a little sad about this since he enjoys drinking a Bud Light Lime while he's sweaty from setting up the tent and tarps and stringing up the lights and assembling the electric palm we try to go to the campground often and hang out with our camping friends. Me...I'm not so sad about not camping, mostly because we do hang out with all our friends....but after 2 years with 2+ more nights of rain and sleeping in a tent..I just couldn't do it anymore. Even though Mr. Allan won't admit it....renting a house is SO much easier!

so...our week in pictures!

Here's Big Blue...aka our minivan. No, we don't have any children, yes, we drive a minivan. Did I swear I would never ever ever ever drive one, yes. In my defense, it was our little inheritance from my stepdad, Steve, and I will's pretty comfortable and handy. It's our 3rd car, so I only make moonlight appearances in it. His name is Big Blue and here he is packed and loaded with goodies, mostly alcohol and beach chairs, for the Vineyard.
Me on the ferry. We drive down to Woods Hole, MA, and put Big Blue on the ferry. It's about an hour ride to get there and I'm a no business reading my paper keep your running children away from me kind of gal while on the ferry.
everyone eagerly on the front of the ferry trying to catch a glimpse of Martha's Vineyard and not getting pooped on by a seagull

Mr. Allan's obligatory seagull portrait. There's one every year.

Hanging out on the deck since land was spotted and we'd be docking soon.

Our little rental home..

The cocoon hammock was pretty comfortable!

then we went on to what we do best.... Mr. Allan on his inflatable dragon with his kindle...and me relaxing next to him

Trying to sneak up on Mr. Allan

Vineyard views...

Aquinnah Lighthouse

Wish I was walking down this today!

Happy hour and dinner on the beach in Menemsha at of my favorite nights of the trip!

the 3H club on the ferry

photographic proof that I drive the short bus..aka Big Blue...all loaded up after a night on the town..

ahhh...I miss it already!


  1. That looks so fun! The picture of your husband on the dragon is pretty funny. Vince and I need to go there once.

  2. My dads family is from Marthas Vineyard and I miss going there SOOO much. This post brings me back!

  3. Great pictures!!! I love Mr. Allan's inflatable dragon!