Monday, November 29, 2010

How to (help) survive the Holidays

for Christmas my sisters and I do a knock off of Oprah's favorite things. We pick a price point and gather some of our favorite things to share with the others. It's a great tradition and this is our 4th year doing it. I love it because I buy duplicate things and its fun to think of what I love or what I was introduced to.

Last year, one sister gave us, what she called, her stress mints. I liked them..I think they help destress me because they're chewy, you have them in your mouth for a little bit, it's not like a hard candy you can chomp into and be done with.

So, while I was shopping in an overly crowded Whole Foods on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving thinking to myself..what were you thinking picking up the turkey the day before Thanksgiving, I saw them and grabbed a pack. I probably ate half of it...but they might sound hokey, but they kind of work.

Not only was I worrying about me being stressed, as I am known to be quite the patient person..yeah right! I was worried about the animals. It might sound strange, but we have a very dominant male cat who's quite territorial. He's the cujo like cat that bit me and sent me to the doctors a couple weeks ago. We seldom have people over and I thought that he might have some issues. I may have sounded like a crazy loon, but I asked people not to pet him or engage with him and it seemed to work. But...I also picked up some of these drops...I put about ten treats in a bowl and put a tiny drop of Rescue Remedy for Pets on each treat...I SWEAR these helped calm him down. I wasn't worried about dried turkey or lumpy gravy, one of my biggest concerns was Davie the Cat biting someone. I mean, look at the add...that puppy seems to like them..although I'm not sure I'd shove this down a parakeet's throat anytime soon. If you find yourself at a Whole Food's and have an anxious pet, you might want to grab some..and mints for you too! I might sound like a crazy lady giving my cats stress relief drops, but it was $12 well spent!

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