Monday, November 22, 2010

Best Panty hose eva

I loathe wearing suits for work. When I first became a lawyer I thought the more the merrier and loaded up on whatever sale rack mishap I could find. Then, I figured out that quality was better than quantity and stocked up on 10-12 decent quality longer lasting suits. But, something I still struggle with...stupid panty hose. Let's get real, they suck, you feel like a sausage, they're not easy to get on and off and they're kind of plain uncomfortable. What's my live life in pants suits? My legs are pasty and resemble birch tree trunks this time of year. Summertime I can rock the naked legs because they're tan. Winter..not so much. I like skirt suits, I work hard to stay in shape and don't mind showing off a little toned calf action at work.

Like suits, I realized when it comes to pantyhose, it's quality not quantity. I quit buying the mass packs of cheap-o No Nonsense and discovered these bad boys. Leggs Sheer Vitality. These last soooo much longer. Last year I bought 2 pairs that lasted me all winter and early spring and I'm still rocking one pair from last year. For those of you that don't have the task of wriggling into pantyhose, you probably are scratching your head at this post..for those of you who know the pain of creeping the hose up your leg without ripping your nails through it are probably thinking...I need these!

 They're 5$ at your local Walmart. So worth the extra couple bucks in my pantyhose clad ass book. I might also add...they create minimal muffin top effect, which all ladies know, is very important!

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