Thursday, November 18, 2010

Talk about a CATastrophe

This is my boy, Davie. Mr. Allan had Davie when I first met him. I must admit..Davie is a charmer and part of the reason I liked Mr. Allan so much in the very beginning was because of this fluff ball. Mr. Allan calls him a mamma's boy and he totally is. He's  very dominant male cat and lets you know who's when 2 co-workers came over on Tuesday to hook up my fridge to a water supply (thanks again guys!), I knew to keep an eye on Davie. He wasn't happy with strange men in the house, he was already in a funk because Mr. Allan was away, and he went nutty on me. I picked him up while he was agitated and it got worse...and Davie sunk his needle like cat fangs into my arm. I was beyond precious little snuggly fluffy cat attacked me. To make matters worse, I had a 1/4 puncture wound in my wrist. It didn't bleed, quickly swelled and I had a hot mess on my hands.

I took a trip to the doctor's the next morning to find out that cat bites are typically more serious than dog bites because their teeth are so small and tiny and cats carry such a mass amount of bacteria in their mouths. Oh besides a hole in my arm..I walked out with a stash of meds...

I also walked out with this lovely teal no I didn't make an attempt on my life bandage on my arm. Needless to say it didn't match my brown suit. Today, I ripped the bandage off to find a fat swollen mess...who knew a cat bite could do so much damage. I took my fat red hand to work, popped my antibiotics and bought a Feliway diffuser to plug in the wall, crossing my fingers that its magical chemicals calm my cats the hell down. I think Thanksgiving will be even more interesting this year with Cujo Cat on board.

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