Friday, November 5, 2010

One of my great loves....

I have weird hair. In looking at pictures, you might say, whatcha talking bout willis? But, it's my horse and pony hair is plain weird..from the texture to taking care it, it's big work. I was blessed with, what I like to refer to, as my white girl afro. My hair is wavy...weird wavy and in the very back of my head, downright curly. You might ask...but I never see pictures on the blog of you with curly hair. That's because it's only curly in the center back of my head. If I attempt a curly look, I resemble a drowned poodle after the rain, or a sticky looking body wave perm from the 80's. Yes, I refer to the 80's as out of style, a lot.

So, because I can't pull off a Rebecca Gayheart curly.....I painstakingly straighten my hair daily. Yes, daily. It's alot of frickin work. So much work, that last week I burned the back of my head with my lovely Elchim hair dryer. But, I have found one product that helps with my hair woes. It makes my sometimes burnt out straight hair feel soft and silky. It's my lifesaver, my co-pilot every a.m. when I'm in my pink fleece robe and the top half of my hair goes up to start the 15 minute multi part drying process. My hairdresser gets mad props for introducing me to it. My BFHP (best friend hair product) is Moroccan Oil.
This little bottle retails for $18 at my favorite salon. It lasts me about 3 months. I use a dime sized amount in my white girl afro and smooth it through just like I would with any hair product. I dry my hair and it leaves it so smooth. I am someone who has tried at least 50-60 different straightening products that claim to get the curl out...this works better than anything else I've tried. All hair types can use it. My oldest sister has stick straight hair and uses it and my older sister rocks the WGA as well and knows my hair woes first hand.

Just one note....I cheated on my Moroccan oil just once. My salon ran out and I bought it's counterpart...Moroccan was alot heavier than the oil and was a bit disastrous as it didn't get along my my hairdryer nozzle and sometimes left me with a weird feel to my hair after being blasted with heat. So, stick to the oil.

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