Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Glad to see someone from MTV's Real World did something with their life

Who's this? It's Sean Duffy from MTV's the Real World Boston....he was the handsome lumberjack dropped into the city for some culture shock. He's all polished and adult looking now....and just got elected as a Congressman representing Wisconsin's 7th Congressional District.

You might remember him better from this pic......of the whole cast of RW remember, the Alaskan girl who's mom was sick, Montana with the red hair who totally liked Sean, Genesis, the newly out of the closet lesbian, Cyrus, the big tough street guy, Kameelah, the very politically correct girl and that other guy...
 I used to watch this show religiously...I remember the first season with Julie from Alabama and Eric, the hottie, who went on to host the grind and soooo wanted to get into Julie's pants. From NY, to Hawaii, to LA and San Fransisco and to New Orleans (twice!) I kind of grew up on this original reality tv series.

I always wondered what happened to these people who had their 3 minutes of fame. I loathes the Real World/Road Rules Challenges that (I think) are still on to this day with the same has been cast members showing up for their 10th challenge...come on, don't these people have jobs and such? ..especially considering that some of them are probably well into their 30's by now. There's no way they can be milking off of money from these low rated tv series.

So, I was pleasantly surprised to see that 1) Sean did something beyond another appearance in an MTV show 2) that he's still married to a former RW cast mate (not his season though)

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