Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Woo Hoo for Wednesday...not just any's the Wednesday of a L-O-N-G weekend!

So what am I loving this Wednesday??

I love this steal from Old Navy. Normally I don't buy a lot of stuff from there. I get some staples like tank tops, yoga pants, but when it comes to clothes clothes, I feel like their stuff just falls apart on me, washes weird, and is a waste of money. However...every once in a while I'll find a little gem or two. Here's one of them...their maxi tube dress. I have this in Navy Blue and love it. You might read my blog and say...Hey..didn't you just write about how you hate that most maxi dresses are strapless and you can't wear a regular bra under them?? I my solution..I wore my regular bra under this... as I was at an all day outing..and to camouflage...I threw a cardigan over it. Maybe a huge fashion faux pas..but I did it anyway. This dress is insanely comfortable and what I love most about it...the elastic drop waist. It gives you a little shape so you don't feel like you're wearing a maternity dress or a moo-moo. As a somewhat newly married lady I need to keep outfits like that away so the whispers don't start.

available at Old Navy. Online only has a couple colors left..but I was at Old Navy last week and they had tons of them. PLUS..this dress is a steal at $34..and I had a Groupon worth $ I paid $ I guess even if I just wore it was worth it!

I'm also loving that the pool is open! I had the fantastic idea to go "green" with the pool chemicals last year. We opened it this year to see an absolute disaster of murky water. It took Mr. Allan a couple trips to the pool store and little bit or work...but his hard work paid off. Our yard (and pool now!) look absolutely beautiful.

I'm also loving that the garden is growing. This year I've gone as organic as I can. We're not using any type of pesticides or chemicals and things are going a lot better than I thought!

and my herb boxes full of basil. I use so much of this stuff!

I'm also loving that it's Mr. Allan's BIRTHDAY this week!!! I love celebrating birthdays. Just think, it's one day that's all about you! Every other holiday like Christmas, Valentine's share it with others. So, this Friday, I'm celebrating this wonderful, patient, respectful, smart, handsome guy who puts up with me..all the time!

Just looking at one of engagement pictures makes me smile at how insanely head over heels in love I am with this guy 

just one more ... 

ok..maybe just one more...only so I can remember that smitten little cute look Mr. Allan had on his face the whole day and night of our wedding

I have a little celebratory night planned and can't wait to shower him with birthday gifts. Normally I'm not that good of a wife when it comes to this stuff...but having Mr. Allan away a lot this past year and the fact that he's flying home the night before his birthday..makes me want to put in the extra special effort to make it a great night!

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  1. very impressed with your garden!! :)

  2. Love the garden and Happy Birthday to your husband a little early.

  3. Very cute!!!! Love the garden!!!

  4. love your pool with the surrounding deck, very nice!

  5. That last wedding picture is so beautiful of you two! And I agree about Old Navy, sometimes you luck out but most of the time their clothes are made too cheaply. I love that dress though!

  6. Beautiful pictures! Happy Wednesday!

  7. cute dress & love the garden!

  8. LOVE the herb garden and GORGEOUS pictures!! So glad to have come across your adorable blog!! :)

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