Thursday, June 30, 2011

How's this for a Future Mother in Law from Hell

Heidi Withers is a 29 year old bride to be. After visiting her fiance's mother and stepmother and staying in their home, the future Mrs. received an email from the stepmother, Carolyn Bourne, a 61 year old florist telling her a thing or too.....

Here's an excerpt.

from: Carolyn Bourne
to: heidi withers

subject: your lack of maners
Here are a few examples of your lack of manners:
When you are a guest in another's house, you do not declare what you will and will not eat - unless you are positively allergic to something.
You do not remark that you do not have enough food.
You do not start before everyone else.
You do not take additional helpings without being invited to by your host.
When a guest in another's house, you do not lie in bed until late morning in households that rise early - you fall in line with house norms.
You should never ever insult the family you are about to join at any time and most definitely not in public. I gather you passed this off as a joke but the reaction in the pub was one of shock, not laughter.
You regularly draw attention to yourself. Perhaps you should ask yourself why. No one gets married in a castle unless they own it. It is brash, celebrity style behaviour.
I understand your parents are unable to contribute very much towards the cost of your wedding. (There is nothing wrong with that except that convention is such that one might presume they would have saved over the years for their daughters' marriages.)
If this is the case, it would be most ladylike and gracious to lower your sights and have a modest wedding as befits both your incomes.
One could be accused of thinking that Heidi Withers must be patting herself on the back for having caught a most eligible young man. I pity Freddie.

Yowza...I bet this poor girl can't wait for fireworks with her future mother in law on the big day! Hopefully they don't have to spend too many holidays at this lady's house and hopefully they don't live too close by to the in laws.

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